The Canaanite in 2500 B.C., Hebrews in 1805 B.C. and Palestinians in 1184B.C. entered the Land of Canaan. Multiple massacres and civil wars prevented the Hebrews , until the era of prophet David (PBUH), from the final  victory over the other two. But the age of their dominance was fleeting. After the prophet David (PBUH) and Solomon (PBUH), there came a friction among the them and the two Jewish states called Israeli and Judah were established. They fought war with each other and their enemies.

Eventually these two states, respectively in 921 B.C. and in 701 B.C. were defeated by Assyrians. After the victory of Babylonians over the Assyrians, they won their realms too. Instead, Farsian conquered Babylonian and Cyrus returned the Jewish captives of  Bakht Nasr to the Land of Canaan. After that , Jerusalem was passed many times between Macedonians, Egyptians, Romans and Iranians. Therefore, the Jews (we) are not the original inhabitants of Palestine, but have lived there fore a while. We even have not established a civilization and in most of the time were waging wars and doing bloodshed. Such an attitude is partly rooted in their distorted religious orders. You read in our religious book:

“… If he does not make peace and brings a war, so siege him and when your Lord, Jehovah, give you the control over him, kill all the males by your sword. But loot women, children, livestock and what is in the city. That means all the trophies and eat from the trophies of the enemies of yours which  your Lord, Jehovah has given you.”

 By the advent of Islam, the Muslims tried to take Palestine  and finally at the time of Omar it paid and as a result Palestine became an Islamic region and respectively ruled by Bani Omayyad, Bani Abbas, Tolunyh, Fatemides, Qramteh and Seljuk. In 474 Iranian date and 1095 A.D., Pop Avrin and Petrous the monk, called on the Christians to capture Jerusalem. This led to a series of wars known as the Crusades. That continued until670 Iranian date/ 1291 A.D.. During these wars Jerusalem was occupied a few times by the Christians . But since 670 Iranian date/ 1291 A.D. to 1297 Iranian date/ 1918 A.D., except in a short period of time occupying by French and Egyptians, Jerusalem had been ruled by Ottomans.

Hussein Sharif (Sharif Mecca), trusting in the promise of Sir Henry MC.Maham no.4 about the British contribution in gaining the independence of  Arabs,entered a war against the Ottomans in 1294 Iranian date/ 1915 A.D. He won a large part of the victory of the Allied Forces. But the British, according to the Sykes Pico No.5 contract inked in 1295 Iranian date/ 1916 A.D., gained the control of a large part of the Arabic countries including Palestine.

Britain then, based on the infamous No. 6 Declaration of the Balfour No.7 issued in 1296 Iranian date/1917 A.D., promised Palestine to the Zionists  for the formation of the Jewish national homeland. Eventually despite the opposition of Arabs , the San Remo Conference ( the supreme council of the Allied Forces in 1299 Iranian date/1920 A.D.) made Palestine, on condition of the implementation of the Balfour Declaration, under the control of Britain. In 1301 Iranian date/1922 A.D.  the nations community ratified the British mandate for Palestine . That involved the formation of the Jewish national homeland, the recognition of the Jewish agency, legitimacy of the Zionist and the acceptance of Jewish migrations to Palestine.

These measures laid the foundation for the establishment of the Israeli government in 1327 Iranian date/ 1948 A.D. .



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