Arab-Israeli War

Arab-Israeli War

In the wake of the independence and establishment of Israel, the forces of Arab countries launched an attack . The occupation of 77% of the Palestinian Territory by Israel, flooding of 875 thousands of Palestinian refugees to the neighboring countries, gaining the majority of the population by the Jewish Palestinians and the stability of the Israel position were among the results of this attack.

The outcome of the Suez War in 1335 Iranian date/ 1956 A.D., was the opening of the Gulf of Aqaba on the Israeli ships.


In the Six Day War in 1346 Iranian date/ 1967 A.D. the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, West Bank of the Jordan River, Golan Hights and all the Jerusalem were captured by Israel.During the war in 1352 Iranian date/1973 A.D. Israel kept the majority of the occupied territories.


The war of 1361Iranian date/1982 A.D started by Israel against Lebanon and the Palestinian guerrillas located in the country and by the exit of the guerrilla forces from Lebanon and the occupation of the southern Lebanon came to an end.


The effects of the 1352 Iranian date/ 1973 A.D. war such as the Arabic regimes frustration about defeating Israel,the Israeli hesitance about the myth of its invincibility in the first defeat in this war, the needs of both Russia and America for attracting Arabs and enhancing relations with them and the assumption of power by the Labor Party in Israel, raised the regional and global trend for peace settlement in the Middle East.


The first step was taken by the Middle East Peace Conference hold in Geneva (1352 Iranian date/ 1973 A.D.) . By inking the Camp David Treaty, the Palestine issue entered in a new phase. This ignominious treaty meant to recognizing the official existence of Israel and ignoring the inalienable right of the Palestinians.


By signing the Gaza and Jericho Treaty in the Middle East Negotiations in 1372 Iranian date/ 1993 A.D. , the recognition of the official existence of the Israel had gone to its highest point. Based on this treaty , PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) and Israel recognized each other and approved the establishment of an autonomous Palestinian  state in the West Bank and Gaza region.








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