Palestine is also of paramount importance for the Islam world, for it is located in the heart of the Middle East and Islamic world. It is the region where the longest and most complex conflict of the twentieth century A.P. that means the Arab and Israel disputes has occurred. Palestine which is in the middle of the Arab countries connects the Arabic countries of Asia to the Arabic speaking countries of Africa. It is a ground connection for the Island Al Arab to the Mediterranean Sea, oceans and European counties.

Therefore, the establishment of Israel in Palestine has divided the Arab world into two geographical parts; it has also disconnected the communication ways of the country. Since Palestine is the homeland and host of a number of prophets, reminder of the Muslims victory over the crusades, the first Kiblah and the Ascension of the Muslims’ prophet, so any claims and conflicts over it will destroy the religious proud of the Muslims.

So, Palestine is the birth-place and the tombs of a great number of prophets, for instance, the city of Alkhalil locating in the 32 kilometers distance of the southeast of Jerusalem, is the tomb of prophet Ibrahim, his wife Sareh, Isaac and Jacob. Jesus Christ was born in Afrath in Bethlehem in 10 kilometers distance of the Jerusalem. He lived in the city of Naseriyah and became a prophet there.

Acre is the center of the Baha’is activities and the tomb of Mirza Husain Ali Baha, the Imam, prophet and God of the Baha’is spy party in the city of Haifa.

Jerusalem or Betholmoqads (the city of peace and tranquility) is important among the followers of the three religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Some of the most important religious places of the Jews (we) such as, the Western wall, Mount Zion (the sun wing), the tomb of the prophet David and the prophet Solomon are in Jerusalem. The most sacred religious area and a place of pilgrimage for the Christians, that means the birth-place of Jesus is in Bethlehem. Jerusalem is the first kiblah of Muslims and Al Aghsa mosque is the prophet’s meraj. The population of occupied Palestine was 4/81 and 8/2 percent in 1372 (Iranian date) 1993 A.D. but their official language are Hebrew and Arabic.3.

The occupied Palestine is an area of 20700 square kilometers, where more than its half made up by mountains and plateau. Thus, most of the Palestinian populations live on the flat, fertile and coastal regions. The Israel’s population is about 4,882,000 people; the three fifth of which is the youth below 30. However, the three fifth of the population are the Jews who have emigrated from other countries to Israel. Therefore, many of the indigenous Palestinian population are refugees in other countries. This country is now running by a Republic regime. The president is elected for five years by the only Majlis of the country which has 120 members, but the era of being representative is 4 years.

Besides, occupied Palestine is benefited from the following features;

1. Gas resources have been discovered in Dead Sea where the lowest pit in the world is.

2. Oil is extracted from a small area in the southeast of Ashdod.

3. One of the two pipes that carry the Iraq’s oil to the Mediterranean has connection with the port of Haifa.

4. Israel is one of the most advanced Middle East countries in the field of economics, electronics, machinery and weapons.

5. Dead sea has the richest mines of potash. Moreover, the rich sources of manganese, sodium and bromine have been found in this lake.

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